Video: Aves Release New Album ‘Transformations’, Share New Video For ‘Not Go Home’

Finish electronic dream-pop trio Aves unveil their highly anticipated new album, ‘Transformations’. Brining together elements of neo-soul with atmospheric electronic textures and pop melodies, the album captures an essence of Jungle’s debut album with a tinge of Tame Impala.

Led by the mesmerising focus track ‘Not Go Home’, with the captivating vocals of Lake Jons, a fine example of the bands analogue synths, spacey atmospherics and melancholic falsetto vocals, the bands sound is given a vibrant early access point for anyone looking to get a taste of the full project.

Driven by electronic beats and plucky live bass, the tracks growing soundscape of lush, swirling, psychedelic synth sounds, arpeggiators and shimmering reverbs is given a pulse that is matched by the rhythmic nature of the vocal melodies. Danceable, emotive and beautiful the track is a joy in its own right, but more than that, a beautiful addition to the full album’s sonic tapestry.

Speaking about ‘Not Go Home’, the band shares: “In the quiet moments, the fear of loss becomes a mirror, reflecting what we cherish most, teaching us to hold on tighter and love deeper. Life is an intricate dance of attempts and setbacks, an eternal cycle of trying and failing. In this rhythm, each stumble is a lesson, every failure a stepping stone towards growth. The resilience to rise again defines the essence of this cycle, echoing the indomitable spirit within us.”

Produced by renowned industry veterans Jonas Verwijnen and Luca Buccellati, the album boasts a polished and expansive sound that is quintessentially Nordic.

Watch the beautiful new video for ‘Not Go Home’ below and be sure to check out the full album.

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