Premiere: Sydney supergroup The Finalists unveil evocative video for the shimmering track ‘Hunting Knife’

Last year’s debut album ‘First’ by The Finalists (reviewed by me here) was a highly impressive entrance: I summed it up as being a collection of deeply personal songs that were heartfelt and passionate, raw and emotional, touched with humour and self reflection.

We are very pleased to premiere the new video for the magnificent track “Hunting Knife’ off the album. This track just jingles and sparkles through the skull with its crisp and crystal twin guitar attack and singer Mark Tobin’s wry observational lyrics contrasting against the bubbling instruments. Themed on a fatalist who believes he might as well take up smoking in a world that will end before the cigarettes will have a chance to do any harm, there is a charm and wit in the delivery as the survivalist stocks up for the apocalypse:

All we need’s fresh water
A magnesium fire starter
A hunting knife
Marlboro Lights
And a big box of Amoxicillin

The accompanying video has a lovely series of images of caravans and tents in the wilderness before a sobering denouement: a beautiful depiction of the ultimate fate for us all.

‘Hunting Knife’ is a delight: imbued with an antipodean sense of humour and gentleness that flows in the blood of the Flying Nun bands such as The Chills and The Bats and, over the ditch, The Go-Betweens and The Apartments. Lyrical poetry carried melodically on the back of a warm and shimmering sound.

You can get ‘First’ through the link below and start counting the days before we hear new stuff from the band:

The Finalists will be launching the new single in Sydney this Sunday, 23 May 2021 with a spectacular line up including The Electorate and Golden Fang – two other bands greatly admired by me. This even will also be live-streamed. Details here.

The members of The Finalists consists of singer/guitarist and songwriter Mark Tobin (Scarlet, Panic Syndrome, The Black Halo), guitarist Robert Young (The Wednesday Night, Semi Lemon Kola), bassist Chris Familton (Charlie Horse, Thorazine Shuffle) and drummer Matt Brown (Charlie Horse). A veritable supergroup of fine indie musicians from the inner west of Sydney.

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