News: Gary Moore’s Back To The Blues Album To Be Released On Vinyl For The First Time Ever With Bonus Tracks

BMG are set to release Gary Moore’s album ‘Back To The Blues’ on double heavyweight vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve on the 13th of October. The album will also be released both digitally and on CD.

Back To The Blues, was Gary Moore’s 13th solo album, where he went back to his traditional blues style. This album has never previously been released on vinyl, and contains new liner notes written by Dave Everley.

Back To The Blues features six Gary Moore originals and a quartet of covers that had been recorded or played live by Brit-blues figureheads John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. This release also contains three bonus tracks: ‘Picture Of The Moon (Single Edit)’, ‘Cold Black Night (Live At VH1)’ and ‘Stormy Monday (Live At VH1)’. 

Considered one of the best guitar players of all time, Gary Moore rocked the world of Blues and Rock with his virtuoso playing and soulful voice. Best known for his evocative solo hits, Parisienne Walkways and Still Got the Blues, and his on/off membership of Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore’s solo career comprises over twenty albums. Throughout the 1980s, Gary moved up the rock hierarchy but turned his back on what he regarded as the empty flash of metal and reverted to his heart music – the blues – where ironically, he scored his biggest commercial success through his 1990s and 2000s blues albums. 

“The blues has always been home for me, and where I go with the music, the blues will always been the centre of it” – Gary Moore. 

Pre-order the album here.

Back To The Blues track list

  1. Enough Of The Blues
  2. You Upset Me Baby
  3. Cold Black Night
  4. Stormy Monday
  5. Ain’t Got You
  6. Picture Of The Moon
  7. Looking Back
  8. The Prophet
  9. How Many Lies
  10. Drowning In Tears

Bonus Material:

  1. Picture Of The Moon (Single Edit) 
  2. Cold Black Night (Live At VH1) 
  3. Stormy Monday (Live At VH1) 

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