News: Molly Green Shares Ode To Younger Sister ‘She Is Mighty’

Molly Green’s latest single, ‘She is Mighty’ is a soul-stirring anthem that encapsulates the resilience and individuality of her younger sister, Flo. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences and Flo’s vibrant personality, Molly crafts a song that celebrates strength and self-acceptance.

From the moment the song begins, Molly’s soulful vocals take center stage, weaving a captivating narrative that paints a vivid portrait of Flo’s unyielding spirit. Backed by a punchy bass line that echoes the rhythm of a Wild Western film, ‘She is Mighty’ exudes a sense of empowerment and determination.

The song’s delicate yet cinematic use of brass, piano and guitar creates a rich sonic tapestry that captures the essence of Molly’s jazz, soul, and blues roots in style whilst being true to the modern nature of the songwriting.

In Molly’s own words, “Sometimes all her [Flo] magnificent qualities have brought struggle, and people have tried to shoot her down because of them, which reminded me of an endangered animal that gets hunted for its beauty and rarity. This is illustrated in the lyrics “hold the phone, don’t shoot that gun, she’s the only one”. This is my caution to the rest of the world, not to dim her light or you’ll live to regret it.”

Listen below:

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