Premiere: Hallie Spoor laments missed connections on stirring EP lead single ‘Diamond Ring’

When last we heard from Brooklynite Hallie Spoor, she’d released her most recent EP New Ground into a world that was about to be turned upside down by a pandemic. It only makes sense that she waited nearly three whole years to make her next move, putting out ‘Heart Like Thunder’ as 2022 drew to a close. Spoor’s been working on further new music, and it turns out Heart Like Thunder is also the name of her forthcoming new EP.

It’s being announced today alongside the rueful yet honest storytelling of ‘Diamond Ring’, with Spoor reflecting on why she wasn’t ‘good enough’ for previous romantic partners, missed connections and ones who got away. She’s quite insightful when talking about the song’s origins, so we’re posting the full quote: “Each verse of ‘Diamond Ring’ is a different love story in my life with the central question of why I was not “the one”. Why was I not good enough to ‘wear your mama’s diamond ring’? In verse one, I am lying on the couch, listening to Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold” on vinyl while the rain is pouring down with my partner. Next, we’re having a screaming match in the West Village; and by the last verse I am back with my first love, stargazing in an abandoned horse racing track in Nashville, TN.

“Lyrically, the story takes us to the acceptance and peace of knowing none of these were meant to be, but that in another life we could be friends. I aspire to have that level of acceptance in my songs because it’s so hard to do this in real life with all the baggage and pain I carry with me. Like the ending of Annie Hall when Alvy runs into Annie and they have lunch in a sunny diner. He parts ways with his former love remembering how great she is, and how happy he is to have known her. He says, “You know, we’re always trying to get things to come out perfect in art because it’s so difficult in life.” 

We’re premiering ‘Diamond Ring’ below; Heart Like Thunder follows on Tuesday October 17th.

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