Album Review: Tony Baltimore – Let’s All Go Insane

The Breakdown

'Let's All Go Insane' is a fun listen with witty lyrics, brilliant riffs and some effortlessly great songwriting. A stellar effort from an artist who I'm sure will continue to pack out shows in Key West and beyond.
Conch Town Records 8.2

Having signed to Conch Town Records, the new album Let’s All Go Insane from Key West singer-songwriter Tony Baltimore see’s him truly find himself and his sound. A selection of songs full of witty lyricism and tight, exciting instrumentation, this is a roots-rock album from a musician enjoying his craft and with a clear passion for writing and performing.

The album’s title track and opener, ‘Lets All Go Insane’ is a track packing an infectious brass section, Tony’s stylistically humourous lyrism and a full band (drums, Bass, Guitars and keys) showcasing an exciting performance and an example of the kind of vibrant, bopping performance they would deliver live. Opening with a modulation-tinged drum beat the track soon introduces Baltimore’s charismatic yet chilled vocal style before complimentary female vocal harmonies enter giving the track an unexpected lift and a fluorescent sheen, as they do with their appearances across the album.

Elsewhere across the album’s 11 tracks, Baltimore captures an essence of Van Morrison on the light and breezy ‘That Girls Got Eyes’ while the reflective, gentle acoustic number ‘Fly Alone’ shows a more emotional, softer side to his repertoire as well as some subtle strings.

The album’s highlight, the previous single ‘Sit Still’ is a representation of everything that’s great about Baltimore as an artist – biting lyrical humour, catchy and exciting guitar lines and the sparkling male x female vocal harmonies which truly bring Tony’s choruses into their own.

Released as a single to coincide with the album, track 10 ‘Loot The Joint’ is another demonstration of the kind of high octane, yet measured – vintage yet fresh songwriting Tony can deliver.

All in all, Tony Baltimore’s new album is a joyous collection of tracks which are a demonstration of how sometimes less is more in many ways. The tracks are all exactly how I imagine they would be performed live, a full band rip-roaring their way through the tunes and loving every second – there’s no need for big studio trickery, the band and the songs are efficient as they are and this approach goes a long way.

This ‘less is more‘ approach gives the album a certain charm, a realism, a vintage edge that is often lost in a world where many musicians rightly or wrongly choose to rely on electronics and production to make their tracks come to life. This approach does mean that the album isn’t for everyone, but nor should it be, Tony knows his sound and knows his audience.

Let’s All Go Insane is a fun listen with witty lyricism, brilliant riffs and some effortlessly great songwriting. A stellar effort from an artist who I’m sure will continue to pack out shows in Key West and beyond.

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