Track: The Nightingales – The Top Shelf

Post-punk veterans The Nightingales have teased a new track, ‘The Top Shelf’, from their forthcoming eleventh full-length album, ‘Four Against Fate’. The song has a lilting beat that you can imagine lifting your step as you walk down our deserted city streets this spring.

Whilst it didn’t exactly set my world on fire, ‘The Top Shelf’ obviously has a lot more character to it than a lot of contemporary post-punk ditties by the likes of Meatraffle and Working Mens Club do. It is released as a download only on April 17th, with ‘Four Against Fate’ following on May 22nd via Tiny Global Productions.

A Nightingales documentary commissioned by James Nicholls of Fire Films, written by comedian Stewart Lee, and directed by Michael Cumming will be released later this year. The band were planning to tour the UK in April to promote the album but this has now been postponed due to bassist Andi Schmid being unable to “get a flight out of Germany”.

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