EP: Incessant – Perennial Umbra

The Breakdown

This is a one hell of a debut EP from a very talented Irish band who's genre scrounging has served up a very black death metal result.

Irish black metal band Incessant have released their debut EP ‘Perennial Umbra’.

It is best to keep in mind that this is a trio whilst listening to this EP. The noise they produce and clever arrangement of the tracks makes this hard to believe in places. As the tracks are well set out as the band have a tight playing style as they bounce from each other with the instruments and vocals sounding so strong mixing together.

First track ‘Spectral rites’ starts all calm and collected before hell is let loose with insane drumming and low down dirty riffing. The throbbing bass line brings the menace underneath the eerily clean picked guitar. The vocals sound like a band of Irish metal heads have broke into the studio shouting their manifesto. Guitarist and Vocalist C.S regain control with one of the finest guitar solos in a metal album.

‘Sacred Howl’ may well be the music playing in the lift to hell if there was such a thing. The intro in particular. The grooved up main riff thunders through the speakers. The two vocal tracks alternate through out, one being heavy and low and the other being higher in register but both still inhumanely harsh. The crashing of cymbals and a desperate vocal plea sound so good on this track.

‘Treachery’ is a great example of how the bass and guitar play off each other with a roaring riff backed by some brilliant drum playing. The drums in fact play a huge part in this track, beating out a repetitive sequence thats like a call to arms for metal fans. This track will be an instant live favourite when the band get chance to hit the stage again.

‘The Serpent’s Voice’ an epic rolling riff any hard rock band would be proud of. Incessant make it just a notch evil though with harsh vocals and the relentless crashing of the drum kit. Speed guitar playing adds a great emotive atmosphere. The way the band wrap melodic playing around the block chord changes makes this track a highlight of the album.

Chaotic drumming, furious riffing and harsh vocals abound, this is an album of some superb technical playing and is an enjoyable listening experience with its evil atmosphere the band have created. Mixing balls out metal with slowed down, quieter sections that let the tracks breathe and morph into mini epics to give an album which not only a headbangers dream but something thats hugely listenable. The riffs wouldn’t be out of place in heavier punk bands back catalogues, but the attitude and aggression they are played with coupled with the phenomenal vocals push this EP into the death metal genre.

Check out track The Serpents Voice, below:

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