Premiere: The Call From Upstairs Unveils Hunting, Genre Bending New Single ‘Fading’

The Call From Upstairs presents the atmospheric yet pointed new single ‘Fading,’ and we’re thrilled to premiere it!

Strikingly unique, the track blends Rock & Roll guitar licks with New-Wave-esque synth sounds and adopts a ballad-like song structure. It’s a brilliant example of fusing elements from various genres to create something unique and beautiful.

Dark, moody, and melancholic, the single provides a rich, downtempo, and cinematic listening experience—reminiscent of a futuristic, neon meeting between Chris Isaak and Lana Del Rey. Swelling synth pads envelop a central guitar riff, a quacking synth bass, and minimalistic live drums. The vocals deliver an emotive performance with reflective, heartfelt lyricism. The catchy chorus emphasizes the track’s pop elements, featuring a melody and chord progression reminiscent of a 60s pop ballad, while the synth strings brighten with a wide stereo spread.

Concluding with a stylish fade-out, the track ends in a fittingly vintage fashion. ‘Fading’ is a beguiling, moody, and spellbinding offering, showcasing The Call From Upstairs’ exciting and original musical approach.

Speaking on the single, the artist explains: “Fading is about wanting to express your true feelings to someone who you’re so enthralled with, the rest of the world seems to be irrelevant.”

Listen below:

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  1. January 22, 2024

    Just lovely…

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