News: Brooklyn-based Monograms Shares ‘Listen Up’ From New Album

Monograms shares the the electrify, alt-rock single ‘Listen Up’ taken form the new album ‘A Fine Commitment.’ Monograms is known for employing strong, swift tones to convey his creative ideas, crafting dynamic music with pointillism lyrics, lucid beats, and psychedelic melodies that traverse the spectrum of underground and popular music.

‘Listen Up’ emerges as a sonic barrage, featuring ricocheting beats, angular guitars, boxy, modulated vocals and sprawling feedback that builds to a tumultuous crescendo. Across the new album, Monograms boldly merges genres, seamlessly incorporating post-punk, new wave, and indie-rock production, juxtaposing dark tones with groovy, energetic hopefulness – the new single is a fine example of this approach.

Accompanying this musical masterpiece is an elaborate music video that serves as a visually stunning display of Monograms’ creative vision. The video features a masked protagonist whose exploits blur the lines between reality and dreams. This aesthetic not only enhances the driving, syncopated rhythm of the track but also complements the rolling guitars and distinctive vocals it offers.

Ian Jacobs, the mastermind behind Monograms, reflects on his creative process: “I knew I wanted to make something fun and elaborate. I started to dig into some big production ideas but built concepts that didn’t take themselves too seriously at the same time. I also wanted to have something about the duality of perspective, which is what the song is about. That’s where the idea of the mask came from; the idea that something bad can also be good… and vice versa, depending on how you look at it. Co-Director Brendan Ward and I came up with some crazy ideas and somehow managed to pull them all off.”

‘Listen Up’ follows the success of Monograms’ previous singles ‘Hi Low’ and ‘Carry The Weight,’ cementing the artist’s reputation for pushing boundaries. Entirely written and recorded by Monograms in Brooklyn, the song promises a thrilling melting pot of musical genres blending tight, swirling production and brit-pop-esque guitar tones.

Listen & watch below:

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