Premiere: Brooklyn band FORAGER are fed up with city life on expressive new single ‘Hello to the Kiddies’

Well, doing each other’s hair in a press photo is definitely different, but that’s just FORAGER‘s thing. The Brooklyn trio put themselves on our radar back in May with the absolutely essential ‘Fuji or a Trek’, the lead single from their debut album, and we were starting to think we wouldn’t get another pre-release single, but thankfully that’s not the case.

‘Hello to the Kiddies’ finds lead vocalist Shyamala taking aim at the titular ‘kiddies in wraparound sunglasses’, grindset culture and indie boys in Carhartts – the song’s narrator is a fairly easy-going person but acknowledges that sometimes it’s good to dismiss things if they don’t work for you; or, per the chorus (which only shows up once thanks to the excellent bait-and-switch at the song’s climax), maybe you just need some haterade.

It’s a playful, breezy song with wild dynamic shifts and harmonic progression that pulls the listener along for the ride. ‘Hello to the Kiddies’ is out tomorrow, but we’re premiering it below. Debut album Pipedream Firewood follows on Friday August 18th – you owe it to yourself to get in on the ground floor with this band.

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