Track: RedHook’s ‘Scream 2’ Is So Intense, It Might Just Wake the Dead

Red Hook

Based in Eora/Sydney, the alternative rock innovators RedHook are catapulting into 2024 with ‘Scream 2’, one of their most intense singles yet. This powerhouse track has been expertly crafted by producer Stevie Knight, known for his work with Stand Atlantic, and mixed by the renowned James Paul Wisner, famed for his collaborations with Underoath and Paramore.

Envisioned as a follow-up to their 2020 hit ‘Cure 4 Psycho’, which has amassed over two and a half million streams on Spotify, ‘Scream 2’ emerges as a formidable, mosh-pit-worthy thriller.

‘Scream 2’ explodes into top gear with a pulsating, driving beat that grabs you from the first frenzied note. Emmy Mack’s vocals in ‘Scream 2’ are a whirlwind of intensity, soaring over the track’s relentless rhythm with a ferocity that’s both breathtaking and exhilarating. The track manages to fuse the high-energy metal reminiscent of System Of A Down with compelling pop hooks.

‘Scream 2’ is the next chapter in a painfully relatable horror story for anyone who has survived narcissistic abuse. It’s about the aftermath of escaping the narcissist. Once you remove their power, they may continue trying to hurt you by whatever means remain available to them: vindictive mind games, smear campaigns, sending ‘flying monkeys’ to do their bidding, weaponising your trauma against you. This is a song about refusing to let them draw more blood. And, unlike the ‘Scream’ movie franchise, there will be no further sequels. This ends here.”

Vocalist, Emmy Mack

RedHook took the Australian music scene by storm in 2023. They supported iconic rock bands The Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction, touring across the country. This was followed by their most successful headline tour to date, with many sold-out shows. Highlighting their tour was a performance at the Corner Hotel in Naarm/Melbourne, which was not only sold out but also featured in triple j’s prestigious ‘Live At The Wireless’ recording.

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