Track: Toronto’s perfect Housewife (fka Moscow Apartment) are back with the shimmering track ‘Patrick Bateman’.

Feature Photograph: Sophia Martinazad

Due to unfortunate connotations, the brilliant duo Moscow Apartment who released, in my opinion, one of the most outstanding albums of 2020, the EP ‘Better Daughter’ (reviewed by me here), have decided to change their name and reemerge as Housewife – a somewhat delicious irony given their strong feminist stance (they proudly call themselves ‘opinionated feminist indie rock’). Whatever the label, the heart and soul remain perfectly intact.

Their new single ramps up the self deprecating sense of humour with its title ‘Patrick Bateman’ (a reference as many of you will know to the misogynistic and psychopathic protagonist in Brett Easton Ellis’s book ‘American Psycho’, and the brilliant film). A clearer indie pop sensibility can be detected – a fuller and more produced sound that helps to add a filigree of gold to the song. It’s a joy indeed to see the band back after a long break and their absolutely entrancing songwriting and indelible melodies and harmonies remain stronger than ever.

‘Patrick Bateman’ has the delicacy of harmonies from Pascale Padilla and Brighit Fry that are heartbreakingly beautiful and seem to float in ether like wisps of cotton wool clouds in a bright blue sky. They glide over the jingle jangle of acoustic guitars that shimmer and sparkle over lyrics that recount blind devotion: I could change something for you, while the target of the affections are never going to change. Melancholic and yet touched with humour, it’s jolly good to have this band back in action:

‘Patrick Bateman’ is out now through Hazel Street Records/Orchard Enterprises and can be downloaded or streamed here.

Feature Photograph: Sophia Martinaza

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