Film Review: The Man from Mo’Wax

In 1992, James Lavelle founded Mo’Wax Records and revolutionised the British music industry. Along with Tim Goldsworthy, the teenager, who had been DJing since the age of 14, brought a new wave of musical creativity to an unsuspecting public. Focussing on trip hop, hip hop and breaks, Mo’ Wax released records by the likes of DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Global Communication and UNKLE. It is perhaps his collaboration with DJ Shadow as UNKLE on Psyence Fiction for which he remains best known.

Drawing from over 700 hours of footage mixed with contemporary interviews with the main protagonists, Matthew Jones’s new documentary The Man from Mo’Wax. Captures one of the most distinct players in the British music industry. Whilst Lavelle is clearly a genius in many ways, he also has a self-destructive tendency which has dogged his tracks throughout his career. His success has taken a large toll on his friendships, relationships and personal health.

The Man from Mo’Wax is a perfect testament to a person prepared to do anything for success. To what extent he used or was used is still up in the air, but his vision and creativity is beyond repute. Whilst Jones allows everyone to have their say, Brilliant editing BY Alec Rossiter ensures that the pace mirrors that of Lavelle himself. A man always on the move. With a vision and creative spark which is unparalleled. The Man from Mo’Wax tells the tale of a destructive genius and the collateral damage left in his wake. A visionary and a man on the cusp of redemption.

The Man from Mo’Wax is out in cinemas from 31 August by Special Limited Edition BFI Blu-ray/DVD Box Set release on 10 September.

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