Track: Awir Leon Shares Beguiling & Beautiful New Single ‘A Million Other Days’

Awir Leon returns with the thoughtful, experimental and beautiful new single ‘A Million Other Days’, a single which serves to offer a look at the more tender side of the upcoming album Love You, Drink Water

Carving a unique sonic pallet, brining together elements of electronica, alternative hip hop and indie-pop across his material, Awir Leon treads the line between beautiful emotive moments and euphoric electronic expression to great effect. ‘A Million Other Days’ showcases the James Blake-esque side to Awirs music with a powerful, emotive electronic soundscape topped with Awir’s gentle, processed lead vocals. Emotionally raw and musically rich, layering punching drums, warming bass and analogue synths, the result is an otherworldly, complex and strikingly beautiful track. 

Speaking about the single, Awir Leon explains: “A Million Other Days is probably my most honest song, the kind of song you almost don’t want to release because it’s too intimate. When it’s out it’s definitely gonna feel like I’m naked in the streets. But I think it’s good, we all have these moments of extreme emotion, extreme sadness, regrets and hopes in the same burst, that’s what this song is. It was also written and recorded this way, one take, no overdub, no edits, it’s a pure burst.”

Listen below:

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