Premiere: Join Big League on the ‘Tea and Sandwich Committee’ for an eviscerating slice of glorious indie fare that tears through you like a tornado as new album is heralded.

Perennial favourites here at the Antipodean outpost of Backseat Mafia, Big League are about to release a new single with the intriguing title of ‘Tea and Sandwich Committee’, and we are ever so pleased to be able to bring you a sneak early listen before its release tomorrow (Friday, 2 February 2024).

Of course Big League are a band that likes to dally on the wild side of indie rock with a carefree insouciance and a thousand yard stare. ‘Tea And Sandwich’ is no different with its caterwaul of fuzzy wild insane guitars and engaging melodies that thread their way through the cataclysm of sound. A yin and yang of sonic interference curled around contrapuntal sweet melodies and harmonies. It’s the sonic equivalent of what I imagine it’s like going through a car wash with the windows down – your hair is messed up, you are wringing wet but boy do you feel cleansed and refreshed after it’s finished.

‘Tea and Sandwich Committee’ is the first song that Big League had mixed by Beau Sorenson, the US producer and engineer with an impressive CV that includes Bob Mould, Sparklehorse, Death Cab For Cutie and Garbage. Sorenson has mixed the entirety of the band’s new album Heathen Sound, which was recorded in Melbourne by Michael Marinucci at Brown Lounge Sound. The band’s songwriter Travis Velthoven says:

We’re stoked with what he’s brought to our sound, and ‘Tea and Sandwich Committee’ is a great taster for the album. …the chugging rhythm guitar was inspired by At The Drive-in’s song Lopsided, but at some point it turned into a waltz.

You can feel the thunderous winds whipping around the barbed wire strands in the delivery:

‘Tea and Sandwich Committee’ goes public on Monday, 5 February and will be available through the link above and via all the usual streaming and download sites.

The album ‘Heathen Way’ is on the way and you can catch the band live this month launching the single like a rocket – details below and tickets available here.

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