Track: Alex Francis – If I Can’t Have You

Max Patnell

For many of us, the covid lockdown hit us all quite hard in many ways and we all had to find of way to keep moving forward. During that time Alex Francis along with many other musicians continued to demonstrate their ability to grip audiences through live streams across various social media platforms.

Now to the present day, Alex is back with his first original release in nearly two years with “If I can’t have you”.

Alex says about the creation of If I can’t have you:

“This song will always feel unique to me as it was one of three that were written remotely which I had never experienced before. I’d been growing my relationship with Patrick (Mascall, “Wait” JP Cooper) and Mark (Taylor “Broken Strings” James Morrison) breaking the ice and plumbing into emotional themes in the studio until we were forced out through lockdown in the UK, so we had to get immersed in our creative process with a handful of technical limitations challenging us to keep the work flow up. We weren’t able to create these songs quite as ‘laboriously’ as we might have done in the studio, but that put more fire into inspiring trying to write great music and ‘inherit’ the circumstances we were in. I’m incredibly proud of our output from that time and bringing these songs to life now is incredibly exciting for me.”

It’s one of Alex’ most exuberant, groovy and soulful songs yet which really makes you want to get up from your seat and dance down the road with the sun shining on your back. There is a lot to like and with Alex teasing more song releases, it can only get even better from here.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Francis’s Website or Facebook

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