Fourth single from their latest album – ‘Hotspot’ Pet Shop Boys release ‘I Don’t Wanna’ from the synth pop duo via their own label x2.

‘I Don’t Wanna’ would not be out of place if they released it at the start of their career and not when entering their 4th decade of music making. They seem very much apart of the musical fabric you could be forgiven for taking them for granted. After all they very rarely put a foot wrong musically. Theres nothing new here and little to attract new fans. It is however a perfect example fo what these guys do well. A dance track with intelligent lyrics.

‘I Don’t Wanna’ narrates the story of a man, “a guy so shy he doesn’t feel that he has any sex appeal” who overcomes his reluctance, “In a song, he hears that rhythm’s a dancer. And it won’t take no for an answer. Suddenly, he thinks he might reluctantly. Go looking for some company. He summons up the the energy”, and goes out dancing.

Do yourself a favour and buy the album this came from or buy the single for the B side ‘New Boy’.

Check it out, here.