Say Psych: Video: Evolfo – Give Me Time

Brooklyn based psych rock septet Evolfo have shared their new single ‘Give Me Time’ taken from their sophomore full-length, Site Out Of Mind, to be released 18 June via Royal Potato Family.

Expanding on the usual psych rock cocktail of phasers, fuzz, and echo, Evolfo blends in an array of less typical tones and textures such as soaring synths, mandolins, and ominous horns. “When I received the song I immediately liked it”, says the video director & animator Omar “El Oms” Juarez. “I love the way the guitar sounds so melodic. It’s like it’s telling you that summer is around the corner. I love the epic ending and how heavy it sounds. Around the same time I heard the song, I was rewatching the 1952 Mexican movie Los Olvidados. It’s a story about young kids facing everyday struggles with life. The verse that stood out to me was ‘no ones come to rescue me.’ I immediately thought of Los Olvidados and came up with the video concept. I presented it to Evolfo and we started to brainstorm on how we wanted the audience to go on this psychedelic and emotional ride.” 

If the Brooklyn-based psych rockers felt pressured to repeat the successes of their 2017 album Last of the Acid Cowboys they certainly didn’t show it. One might think a band that racked up 6 million plus streams on their debut record would try to recreate this by doing more of the same. But Evolfo step confidently forward into fresh sounds and more vivid conceptual subject matter. They have flipped the world of their 2017 debut Last of the Acid Cowboys on its head, departing the earth bound adventures in melting landscapes, rat cities, and desert sojourns for metaphysical territory and the mountains of the mind. “We’re always going to be in a state of flux,” says Gibbs, who formed the group a decade ago, “I consider this to be an exciting, positive thing. We have to embrace our own change.” On their brand new album Site Out of Mind, Evolfo reaches far beyond the confines of genre to create a colorful echo drenched psych rock dream all their own. Adorned with a mind bending cover by visual artist Robert Beatty, the result is a collection of songs that are unexpected, absorbing, and blissfully tripped out. 

Partially inspired by concepts pulled from sci-fiction and one group psychedelic drug trip, Site Out of Mind is a thrilling spiral into the depths of the spiritual mind and the afterlife. Lyrically, Gibbs says, it could be interpreted as a continuation of the loose concept that Evolfo’s previous album hinted at. “If the protagonist of that album died at the end of Last of the Acid Cowboys,” says Gibbs, “then this was the protagonist’s internal journey, flipping the landscape, and going through the mountain of their mind in that moment of mortality; perhaps a blurring of brain activity between dying and death, between life and the afterlife.”

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