SEE: Molly Millions – ‘Ketamine Jass’: conceptual future dixieland protests drug laws

COMING at us outta Berlin wrapped in an enigma, but toting a very clear message of the personal-political, Molly Millions, the Berlin-based electronic producer, has shared the video for “Ketamine Jass”, taken from her debut EP, MDLA, which is out now digitally on Pill Press Records in a joint venture with Mute.

If you thought Jockstrap were appealing eclectic in their splicing of genre, then Molly Millions you need to hear: she takes Prohibition-era dixieland and marries it to a low-slung, four-to-the-floor techno beat, pushing out toward the art-masked serious pranksterism of Gazelle Twin.

In the video, which you can watch below, she embarks on a merry jaunt protesting First-World drug legislation; piping us a merry cavalcade across Berlin, inviting us to consider how public money is spent before standing as a time traveller in front of the Reichstag, weighing the scales of this particular imposed (in)justice.

Molly Millions explains: Drug legalization helps create a safer and healthier society. Drug prohibition traps developing countries in a cycle of poverty. The war on drugs is costing us millions and billions. Drug legalization is a key to building a better world.”

Molly Millions is a project conceived and executed by the Message Delivery Army, a multidisciplinary arts initiative for social change. The goal? To change how people think about drug policy across the globe.

MDLA also contains three tracks with further narco-political nomenclature in the shape of “Cocaine Rush”, “Vodka Shot”, and “DMT”. The EP is available now on digital and three extremely limited vinyl pressings: two hand-stamped test pressings, now awaiting your attention in the Mute store; and a single, 24-carat gold-plated pressing, using 1.2 grammes of the precious metal – “the maximum possible for a playable record, [reflecting] the need for maximum action” – which you can ogle here, reflecting on that old adage: if you need to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it.

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