SEE: Turin’s Cijan set out their postrock manifesto with “Homecoming”

HAILING from the northern Italian city of Turin, Cijan are quickly making a name for their themselves on the domestic scene. Their debut longform set, REA-0919, was released last year; and they were on the bill at Milan’s destination fest for all things shoegaze and post-rock, A State of Flux.

New single “Homecoming” tickles all the right spots if you’re out towards the louder end of the post-rock spectrum.

And to underpin the release of new single “Homecoming”, the band have, like fellow countrymen the Futurists, set out their manifesto.

“We like low frequencies. We do not like to make verses and refrains.

“We are transmuted by all things that surround us, as Master Yoda.

“Our holy scriptures are Mogwai, 65daysofstatic, M83, American Football, and the symbol for Batman. At the end of the day, we still are four romantic sad dudes from the southern suburbs of Turin.

“We essentially agree on the seventh season of The Simpsons to be the best one.

“Never have we ever felt fear or shame.

“You can pronounce Cijan however you want.”

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