ALBUM REVIEW: Dead! – The Golden Age of Not Even Trying

Label: Infectious, BMG

Released: 26 January 2018 


After such a long wait for this album, I really thought I would be deceased before hearing The Golden Age of Not Even Trying. But, nevertheless, this record is certainly one that has been worth waiting for.

Dead! are representing the new era of genre-crossing alternative music. There’s a splattering from every stem of rock in this album- punk, indie, straight up four-to-the-floor rock beats. Whatever your vibe is, they’ve catered for it.

With lyrical themes representing the absolute height of teenage angst, it’s not hard to figure out why Dead! have managed to build up such a fan base, with both youngsters going through the same emotions, and the older end reminiscing on harbouring these feelings themselves.

Recent single The Boys ✞ The Boys bursts in as the first track with a punch; the song has almost a hip-hop feel, due to its snare-heavy offbeats, whereas Jessica has everything you’d want from a lamenting indie hit.

The nostalgic lullaby that is W9 (named after the postcode in which band members Alex Mountford, Louis & Sam Matlock lived together in a shared bedroom) is yet another wonderful insight into just how versatile Dead! can be, if you contrast this practical lullaby to the raging punk smash that is Enough, Enough, Enough. 

Summed up, this album is exactly what it needed to be. It’s absolutely wonderful that having had the album written and recorded for over a year, Dead! have managed to debut in the UK album chart at no.34, a feat not even achieved by some of their older rock contemporaries.

The album may be titled The Golden Age of Not Even Trying, but it certainly doesn’t reflect the sheer determination and work ethic of Dead! themselves.


Dead! are on tour in the UK right now! 

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