Track: Hobart’s Caelo releases debut single ‘Tides’: a jaunty rollercoaster of a track that sparkle and shines.

Caelo is essentially the nom de plume of Hobart’s Abe Parsons, and he has just released his debut single ‘Tides’: a whimsical and jaunty track imbued with an air of seaside sunshine mixed with a touch of melancholy and yearning.

Horns atmospherically frame the track, with a jingle jangle pop sparkle that recalls George Harrison, The Kinks or XTC: sheer pop sensibilities and an emphasis on melody with a haunting refrain. There is a refreshing sixties flavour to the track, both in arrangements and tone:

Mixed and recorded by Jethro Pickett (who we recently saw playing with Christopher Coleman and the Great Escape – see review here), this is great medicine for troubled times. You can download or stream the track here. Parsons is promising more in the near future, and we at Backseat Mafia are certainly looking forward to this.

Recording on the track are:

Abe Parsons – Vocals, Guitar
Toby Pointon – Piano, Bass Guitar
Chris McGuiness-Terry – Percussion
Erin Sherlock – Trumpet
Joe Weller – Trombone

Cover photo by Maggie Blanden

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