Live Review: Disturbed / Breaking Benjamin / Jinjer – White River Amphitheater, Washington State 16.07.2023

Nestor Salgado

By Nestor Salgado

With the recent release of “Divisive,” Disturbed’s eighth studio album, the band sets out on the “Take Back Your Life” tour with support from Breaking Benjamin and Jinjer– playing White River Amphitheater in Auburn, Washington USA.

Kicking off the show was Ukrainian metal-core band Jinjer– a fast growing enigma in the rock world, rising since 2016 when the release of “Pisces” became a viral hit. Many fans in attendance were impressed by front woman Tatiana Shmayluk’s ability to draw you in with her serene feminine voice then do a complete 360 turn and absolutely wail! Fans in the pit couldn’t get enough, making Jinjer an excellent opener for the highly anticipated, Disturbed!

Breaking Benjamin followed next. Since the inception of their 2006 album “Phobia,” Breaking Benjamin has proven to be one of the bands that helped define 2000’s rock music. As they took to the stage to follow up Jinjer’s performance, a manic roar overwhelmed the venue. This sensation was felt much stronger during the closing track as nostalgia and teenage angst took over during “The Diary of Jane.” A great warm up for what was to come.

Darkness approached, curtains dropped and out came David Draiman and the band, and oh boy, was the crowd ready. “Hey You,” “Stupify,” and “Bad Man” were amongst the first tracks performed, and what an opener it was. Everyone in the pit was glowing from excitement and had already broken a sweat from the heat of the pyrotechnics. The headbanging would temporarily come to a halt when it was time for “A Reason to Fight” followed by a very emotional suicide prevention speech from Draiman.

The name of the tour “Take Back Your Life” becomes all too real when Draimen shines light on the pitfalls of addiction, depression and lost loved ones throughout the years. Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell were among the few friends lost– and nearly himself as he stated almost losing the battle in February of this year. A tearjerker that was felt throughout the amphitheater. His reasons for pulling through were truly touching. Draimen states “Number one.. my children–  and number two.. Every single one of you” as he points to the audience.

*The crowd roars violently*

Disturbed’s live show is flooded with many beautiful moments, along with the epic sound only they can bring. Draiman made a big emphasis on support and being there for your loved ones suffering from addiction and mental health issues, an effect that was clearly seen as you look around you. From the fans in tears to the show of hands when the crowd was told to raise them up if they’ve ever experienced depression. That sense of compassion and unity is what sets Disturbed’s live show apart from the rest and brings the people closer. 

It is certain that attendees in Auburn, Washington walked out of White River Amphitheater that night feeling empowered– while having a newfound appreciation of life and understanding of mental health. Disturbed bridges the gap between evoking emotion through “A Reason to Fight” and enjoying the chaos that is “Down With the Sickness.”

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