Track: Paloma Faith brings the soul on Can’t Rely On You, plus album news

It’s funny who you run into. I, in my younger days (not that much younger, I’ll admit to that) used to have these shoes that allowed my to slide, slightly Fred Astaire like, down the aisles of the Tesco (and other supermarkets in other places, but bear with me on this) nearest to my work.

One day though, I slid (expertly) towards the vegetable rack for some spinach (or some other such food stuff) and a large chap stepping in front of me and I clattered into the back of him, unable to stop. He apologised immediately, despite it being entirely my fault, and as I looked up (and it was a long way, trust me) I realised I’d just practically assualted former world heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno. Thats ok Frank, I said, and quickly left.

Not quite a small Tesco in Essex, rather the Met Ball at New York’s Metropolitan Museum where Pharrell Williams bumped into Paloma Faith, took her phone and put his number into it, and declared himself ‘ready to work’ (I definitely didn’t do that to Frank). In time this led to the pair recording the Pharrell penned ‘Cant rely on you’, which comes out via RCA records on Febraury 24th. It’s the first new music from her upcoming third album ‘A Perfect Contradiction’ which will follow later on in 2014.

It shows that Paloma Faith has returned to her Soul Roots, although the stamp of Pharrell Williams is obvious from the by first hip-hop enthused soul beat that kicks in, and he does appear on the track as backing singer. But it’s this sort of dragging a Stax song through 90s RnB, and into that e present time that really works. And when Paloma Faith starts to sing, then her voice does what it always does, and that’s demand your attention.

Which is what I suppose I accidentally did of Frank Bruno.

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