Film Review: Drunk Bus

Michael on the bus

In countries like the United States or the UK, the top universities have become big business. Whether that’s attracting the brightest and the best (not to mention richest) students from across the world or selling an experience which will help shape a future leader, there is a lot of money floating around in the higher education sector. Today’s undergraduate can expect luxury apartments with swimming pools and cinemas. Everything is catered for, including a free bus to help them move between campus buildings. Even, maybe, a Drunk Bus.

When his girlfriend Amy (Sarah Mezzanotte) moves away to take up a job in New York, Michael (Charlie Tahan) is left with his life in tatters and no plan for his future.  Stuck in Ohio in a dead-end job driving the college’s late night ‘drunk bus’, which ferries students between dorms and parties, his life seems to just go round in circles. This changes one day when he’s assigned a Samoan security guard called Pineapple (Pineapple Tangaroa), who decides to set him straight.

Drunk Bus takes what, on the face of it, is the plot for a gross-out comedy and makes a film which is surprisingly deep and thoughtful. That’s not to say that John Carlucci and Brandon LaGanke’s film isn’t funny. It really is, but it’s cleverly written to balance perfectly with the drama. Whilst the young cast are all good, it’s undoubtedly Tangaroa who propels it above your average American indie. Drunk Bus is an unusual and entertaining walk on the wild side.

Drunk Bus is released in US theatres and on VOD on 21 May.

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