Track: David Barr Releases Indie-Pop Future Anthem ‘Monday’s Rain’

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David Barr’s debut single, ‘Monday’s Rain’ showcases an exciting up and coming songwriter with an ability to craft infectious vocal lines and tight radio-friendly soundscapes. The former frontman of Moon Kids, Barr delves into the pulsating heart of indie’s counterculture roots, crafting a sound that borrows from brit-pop as much as it does pop and alternative-rock.

Produced by Anthony J Resta (renowned for his work with Duran Duran and Nuno Bettencourt), the track is spotlessly produced, carried forward with a sense of direction as inventive guitar lines dance around the tight drums and central vocal which offers a compelling focal point for the track. Commercially viable but also packing emotive lyricism and intricate splashes of keyboards, subtle riffs and even a brilliant reversed guitar solo, the track is a masterclass in balance.

Written whilst on a road trip between LA and Nashville, the song was first unveiled in Texas when Barr joined a group of two dozen musicians shooting the breeze and passing around an acoustic guitar. “It got a really strong reaction,” he recalls. “They told me I should record it straight away.”

Barr, reflecting on a journey from California dive bars to the musical landscape of Tennessee, found inspiration in the rain-soaked memories of his Scottish homeland: “I love the sunshine,” says the singer, “but as we were driving from dive bar to dive bar on the way from California to Tennessee, handing out flyers for the Moon Kids, I realised how much I missed the rain back home in Scotland. It was one of those moments where you think about what’s got you to this point in your life. 

Monday’s Rain is a song about hope and chasing your dreams. It’s about overcoming self-doubt, of course, and the compulsion of making music in this upside-down world of ours.” 

Drawing from his experience with Moon Kids and previous accolades from industry heavyweights like Rodney Bingenheimer, London Grammar, Run DMC, and Tom Waits, Barr’s solo venture takes flight with ‘Monday’s Rain’. The song is a testament to his ability to encapsulate a moment, a feeling, and a journey into a sound that brings elements of classic songwriting with a modern flare.

Listen below:

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