News: Yen Strange signs label and publishing deals with Liberation Records/Mushroom Group and releases new single ‘Go Away’

Feature Photograph: Nova Farrell

Hailing from regional New South Wales, multi-talented writer, singer and producer Yen Strange has asserted her ones-to-watch eminence with the release of the euphonious new single ‘Go Away’ – a track that converts and manifests emotions in three-dimensional propensities with all the elements for an emo-anthem.

The lyrical flow is effortless and endearing, as a myriad of influences are explored through layers of honesty and dexterous production. Accompanying the song is a thought-provoking animated video that cunningly expresses the resounding darkness that anxieties bring, while exposing the stimulus behind small glimmering moments of light, as its protagonist wanders in desperate search for clarity and identity.

Yen Strange comments on the meaning behind ‘Go Away’:

“You know when you think people will be there forever then one day you just don’t think that anymore. It’s so hard when things change. I don’t feel as sick to my stomach anymore when I think about it, but I still agree with what I said when I wrote this. There are those people that you just want to waste every day with, and for a while you do, then one day it’s just not what it was anymore. I don’t want to see them, not because I hate them, but because I’d rather run from those old versions of myself.”

The release of ‘Go Away’ also arrives with the news that Yen Strange has signed to Liberation Records and Mushroom Music Publishing – a milestone achievement for the young artist whose unique work was bound to turn heads of industry representatives. Strange says of the deal:

I have a lot of people who now support everything I do. My voice, my songs, my vision. The teams at Liberation and Mushroom Publishing really know what they’re doing as far as pushing an authentic sound and image of me out into the world and I couldn’t be happier to make a start in the music industry alongside such humble and quirky people.”

Yen Strange has a flair for artistic vulnerability and potent innovation. ‘Go Away’ valiantly continues the story for this exciting songwriter. Her music is assured to give you chills and at the very least tap into your inner demons and dare to serenade them with the power of harmony.

‘Go Away’ is available now, via Liberation Records. Watch the video below and you can download and stream the single here.

Feature Photograph: Nova Farrell

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