Live Review: Lebanon Hanover / Sun Mahshene – Whelans, Dublin 14,04,2022

Headed into Whelan’s Dublin to catch the long awaited show by Lebanon Hanover which like so many had been postponed a number of time, but at last they are finally here.
I knew before going that it was going to be a challenge photography wise, but hey if your not up for the challenge don’t be doing this and its always good to be tested, yes the lights were low for the main act! but what respectable Dark Wave band are going to play with the lights on lol and the cost of electricity these day who can blame them.
The opening band were a band I have waited to catch for a long time now and that being one of Irelands premiere indie-psych rock bands. Its was a short six song set from them and not to much talking between songs, they just got on and played (something I like) the lead singer only really talking just before their last song of the night and that was to say that it was their bass players last show with the band, but they reckon he will be back.
Set List was.
Making the Call
The Righteous One
Leave This City
Tales of Fiction
No Control
When the Bombs Drop

So we come to the main act of the night and yep as mentioned earlier the lights go down to a low blue and Larissa ”Iceglass” Georgiou from Germany and William Maybelline from Britain who make up Lebanon Hanover walk out on stage and in my opinion you know its going to be a good show when someone walks out on stage wearing a Sisters of Mercy t-shirt (Larissa). The lights did change at times during the night but guess what they changed to a low red! lol.
For just a duo these pair are impressive both musical and stage presents, looking stern and imposing as you expect from a Dark Wave act.
Choosing not to have a set list they played though there back catalogue with both taking turns on vocal duties and at times sharing the vocals. Playing for an hour and three quarters or there about’s and with William looking like a man possessed at times Larissa would step to the back of the stage and let him have the run of the whole stage to pace around while growling between lyrics.
But Willian wasn’t the only one to use the stage as mid way through their last song before the encore Larissa took to lying on the floor on her back with her guitar press up against her amp, also at one point near the end choosing to wrap the mic lead around her neck and simulate hanging herself.
There was a two song encore after which the band thank everyone for coming and Willian asking everyone to take care of each other.
I for one left very happy and impressed as I think did everyone that was there and while writing up these words I have been listen to Lebanon Hanover! and you can to right here.

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