Sheffield Doc/Fest Review: Delikado

The stack of confiscated chainsaws outside of Bobby's office

On the face of it, Palawan appears to be the epitome of an island paradise. The archipelago, located at the western reaches of the Philippines, is the home to beautiful rocky coves, clear lakes, a long and luscious coastline and a beautiful verdant interior. While agriculture is the main industry, it has become a popular hotspot for eco-tourism. However, like most places in the region its very existence is threatened by climate change.

While external factors, such as rising sea levels and degradation of the coral reefs, put major stresses on the island, the incessant illegal logging threatens to destroy it from within. While it might be against the law, it is rarely policed and authorities normally look the other way. In thrall to pollical and economic forces. The local indigenous population have taken matters into their own hands. Delikado tells their story.

Delikado is an intimate environmental documentary which tackles a number of local issues which are also pertinent across the whole of the Philippines. The figure of President Rodrigo Duterte looms large over the ‘Last Frontier’. The corruption and violence he espouses seeps into every nook and cranny. Karl Malakunas’ film follows a local mayor, a former illegal logger and a lawyer as they form the last line of defence against this climatic destruction. Delikado tells the story of brave activists willing to put everything on the line to save their province.

Delikado screens at Sheffield Doc/Fest.  

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