Sheffield Doc/Fest: Fashion Reimagined

If the fashion industry was a country, it would be the third biggest polluter behind China and the United States. Just let that sink in for a minute. People want the latest and the best fashions. Clothes are seen as disposable. To be worn and then discarded after a bit of wear and tear. To make an item of clothing usually involves child labour, dangerous chemicals, ridiculous amounts of water and shipping between several different countries.

If you think about the cost of the clothes you buy, how is that even possible if they are made humanely, ethically and sustainably? Amy Powney fought her way up from the bottom to become Creative Designer at Mother of Pearl. Raised in rural England by activist parents, she’s always been environmentally conscious. She decides to launch a ‘no frills’ sustainable range of clothing. Fashion Reimagined tells her story.

Fashion Reimagined follows Amy’s journey as she scours the world for a way to make sustainable clothing which will help change the industry. It’s a huge challenge, which gets more pressing by the year, but we simply can’t go on living this way. Becky Hutner’s film is both a call to action and great crowd-pleasing entertaining. Fashion Reimagined profiles a remarkable woman and her ambitious vision of the future.

Fashion Reimagined screens at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

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