News: Kind Hearted Thieves Are Joined By Dave Abbruzzese For New Album ‘Love & Other Curses’

Dave Abbruzzese, a living legend in the grunge music scene, best known for his iconic work with Pearl Jam and an impressive portfolio of other musical endeavors, has recently lent his drumming expertise to an up-and-coming folk band hailing from Lancashire: Kind Hearted Thieves. Their debut album, ‘Love & Other Curses,’ is now available on all major digital platforms, marking a unique collaboration that bridges the gap between grunge and folk.

Kind Hearted Thieves, led by UK-based singer and songwriter Jay Ra, crossed paths with Dave Abbruzzese, and their shared passion for music quickly revealed them as kindred spirits. A profound friendship blossomed, and as Jay shared some of his musical creations, Dave expressed his strong desire to contribute in any way possible. This union bore fruit as Dave Abbruzzese tracked drums for three of the album’s tracks, mixed four songs, and introduced his close friend, guitarist Jeff Nolan (known for his work with Scott Weiland and Ginger Baker), to the music. The final piece of the puzzle came from the exceptionally talented mastering engineer Ludwing Diaz, who ensured sonic cohesion throughout the album.

Dave Abbruzzese’s stature in grunge music is nothing short of legendary, and his involvement with a band that identifies as “Folk Grunge” serves as a resounding sign of approval. Reflecting on his collaboration with Kind Hearted Thieves, Dave Abbruzzese stated, “This music struck a chord with me in just the right way. The honesty and determination in the music made me pay attention, but it was my conversations with Jay, and the depth of his passion that matched his talent… he is the genuine article. I couldn’t suppress my desire to contribute to the album. I am proud to be a part of this project.”

Jay Ra from Kind Hearted Thieves added, “We set out to create the best album we could, and I don’t think we fully realized how fortunate we were until it was completed.”

The album is spearheaded by the new singles ‘Dark Petal’ and ‘Arthur,’ both of which feature Dave Abbruzzese on drums. ‘Love & Other Curses’ presents a collection of poignant yet hopeful musical stories that delve into sensitive subjects such as addiction, illness, and pain. Jay’s powerful, soul-baring vocals convey personal truths, set against a backdrop of equally candid and purposeful music.

The album boasts rich, immersive soundscapes, blending the impactful elements of grunge with intricate, biting electric guitar work and intense acoustic strumming, resulting in a whirlwind of folk-grunge soundscapes, emotive and atmospheric. The band, comprising five members in total, artfully weaves a tapestry of instruments, including fiddle, banjo, lap steel guitar, piano, and percussion, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

‘Love & Other Curses’ serves a unique and potent musical purpose, powered by smart lyricism that shares stories of love, loss, hope, belief, and pain. It is a heartfelt journey through universal messages, offering listeners a chance to explore both the music and their inner selves. In this album, Kind Hearted Thieves and Dave Abbruzzese have crafted a resounding testament to the unifying power of music, spanning across genres and resonating deeply with those who appreciate authenticity and emotional resonance.

Listen below:

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