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Thomas Williams

A.A. Williams has announced the news of her much-anticipated second album, titled ‘As The Moon Rests’, due the 7th of October via Bella Union. To celebrate the announcement Williams has shared an intense and beautifully shot b/w video for lead single “Evaporate” directed by Fraser West. 

“Traditionally, your second album is the worry; where there’s the weight of expectation,” A.A. Williams contends. “But I must create music I like myself, and I’ve had more time on this record; I’ve felt more confidence and conviction. As The Moon Rests is both heavier and softer, there’s more texture and weight, and a string ensemble. It’s Forever Blue times ten!”

Mixing Williams honey vocals with the punchy distorted guitar has created a track that is harsh and beautiful in equal measure. A brooding lament to lost love and the mental effects. The track is allowed to breath during a sparse piano led middle 8 before the guitar overtake with bleeding feedback over the crashing of cymbals. Williams has also had the knack of creating something just a bit different and ‘Evaporate’ is no different.

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  1. […] the release of the lead single ‘Evaporate‘ from her forthcoming album, ‘As The Moon Rests’, due the 7th of October via Bella Union. […]

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