News: Earache releases Bolt Thrower “Peel Sessions” LP

Let’s get this out of the way right from the off. Yes, its out now. And yes, it is just an excuse to play some of Coventry’s finest for you all. If you don’t know Bolt Thrower, then they were at the forefront of the grindcore/death metal scene right from their formation in 1986, and right from the off, were supported by legendary DJ John Peel, for whom they recorded three sessions whilst with Earache Records.

The sessions, two recorded in 1988 and one a couple of years later, also show the band as they moved from their early punk influences through to this ominous, brittle death metal later on. It comes at a time where frontman Karl Willetts has mentioned work on a new, ninth, album, but nothing new has come since 2005’s Those Once Loyal record, saying that they were satisfied with the record, and were postponing future recordings as it was always the goal to stop after releasing, in their words “the perfect Bolt Thrower Album”.

Until (if ever) they decide otherwise, might be a good thing to get your hands on Earache’s Peel Session LP (yes, LP – its only out on vinyl) that features some of the ban most iconic songs, including ‘War Master’ and ‘Drowned in Torrent’. Its out on now on the iconic Earache label, and comes in standard black and other options,

100 – Forgotten Existence (SOLD OUT)
200 – Eternal War (red with white & black splatter)
300 – Drowned in Torment (purple with blue splatter)

Track listing is as follows.

(Recorded 03/01/1988, broadcast 13/01/1988)
01. Forgotten Existence
02. Attack in the Aftermath
03. Psychological Warfare
04. In Battle There Is No Law
(Recorded 06/11/1988, broadcast 16/11/1988)
05. Drowned in Torment
06. Eternal War
07. Realm of Chaos
08. Domination

(Recorded 22/07/1990, broadcast 04/09/1990)
09. Destructive Infinity
10. War Master
11. After Life
12. Lost Souls Domain

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