Track: Without Warning – Black Venom

Michaela Tuomenoksa

Finnish modern metal band Without Warning have shared the music video for their third single ‘Black Venom’ via Inverse Records.

Vocalist Micha comments:

“Black Venom” is an intense story about the definition of evil, manifested in a woman and ready to spread hatred everywhere she goes. Visually the story is brought to life in a horror biohazard surrounding, taking the spectator in the middle of events. The song came along quite fast as Juuso (guitarist) got inspired by the concept of the story, and wanted to bring life to it. It felt as the easiest project so far music wise as the band had a very clear idea of how it would be produced.

“I like to write about my experiences in a metaphoric way, just like I did with Black Venom. I believe in the good in people, but on a rare occasion you might cross paths with someone you wish you didn’t. Someone who lives off of creating chaos and taking everything from you to the last drop. Pure evil. And that’s what spreading the black toxic is about.”

Bringing a bass heavy nu-metal sound as singer Michaela Tuomenoksa delivers her sweet clean vocals before unleashing her evil side with more guttural vocals to take the track even heavier. The punchy verses draw you in but its the explosive chorus where the track rams itself home under your skin. Ending in pure psycho mode it won’t be long till we need another fix of evil from this band.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the band’s Facebook or Bandcamp

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