Playlist: Carl Cox @ Opening Party, Space Ibiza, Spain 31st May 2009

What do you get if you put together one of the worlds bet, and biggest, DJ’s with one of the best (and biggest – you get the gist) clubs. Well, unforgettable nights. While we at Backseat Mafia were’t at Space in Ibiza in 2009 for the season opening party, the pretty epic set Carl Cox threw down that night looks and sounds pretty unforgettable, so we’ve put together a little playlist of it so you can get your glitter make-up and dancing shoes all over this one as your pre-night workout/brighten your journey to work.

Sunday 31st May saw the death of Danny La Rue, while Alistair Darling promised to pay back the money he had borrowed on his second home while he had been living on Downing Street. Elsewhere, thousands of protestors gather in Hong Kong to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, while in sport four-time French Open and defending champion Rafael Nadal loses to Robin Söderling of Sweden.

J Nitty-Sunday Morning Carl Cox kicks off the set with this slow burner, at least in terms of the layers> it begins pretty stripped back, but it gradually flowers into a house banger, with slithers of bird song and Curtis Mayfield, amongst many others

Jorge Jaramillo & Sounderson-Drop The Bass(Tribal Mix) No let up with this house banger, pounding bass and popping synth lines, beefed up with raps encouraging said bass to be dropped, and whispered female

X-Press 2-Say What(Yousef Space Opening Mix) there’s a certain eeriemness about Yousef’s mix at it’s outset, but as it reveals itself so it warms up a little, showing its winding synth lines and repetitive patterns which bewitch you onto the dancefloor.

GPK-Snake We could only get hold of the Saba remix, but that is a pumping affair, the bass pounding in the foreground, and this bubbling bassline and shards of synth the only accompaniment.

Alan Fitzpatrick-Green Light It seems like a slow burner, with its grinding bassline, but it slowly reveals itself to be a real dancefloor heavyweight, with this funk filled baseline that has to make you smile, right?

The Rivera Project-Sax Heaven 2009(Robbie RiveraJuicy Ibiza Mix) Not too much evidence of Sax’s, more rumbling basslines and pulsating beats, with these warm, jazzy chords filling in the mix, but it slowly morphs into this almost latin sounding piano tune, before exploding back into a house anthem.

Gabriel & Castellon-Ticoba(Prok & FitchRemix) We could only get hold of the original mix of Ticoba but thats a real submerged sounding banger.

Tom Budden-Smoulder Detroit flavoured distant sounding house, complete with dizzying basslines and 808 hand-claps. Seriously, who doesn’t like handclaps?

Jimmy Onassis-Dancing Chords Built on big beats and stuttering synth lines, Dancing Chords manages to do pretty much what it says on the tin, without spoiling the expectation. And that’s got to be something, right?

Spiritmindster-The Ryhthm Shocked there’s shades of happy hardcore, certainly in the beats, but it steers away, these cymbal sizzles and it’s dark overtones keeping it on the straight and narrow.

Robbie Rivera & Dero-Batucada(Robbie Rivera & DeroMix) [JUICY(ARMADA)] heavy kick bass and ominous electronics purvey Robbie Rivera and Dero’s Batucada, before the percussion heavy slab kicks in with these gluey synth stabs over what I guess is a Brazilian Barucada beat

Fergie-Blackeye-P(Sam BallRemix) not found…. but

Slam-Ghost Song(Joris VoornRemix) Ghost song is this wobbly, bass heavy monster of a tune, these grating shards of minor chord synths giving it this rather menacing presence. As the song unfurls, so these stabs increase in intensity and regularity until they almost take over the track.

Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood & Tristan Ingram-Perfect Sunrise Minimal , but one which takes over your mind as it gently morphs into different things, while keeping you firmly on the dancefloor.

Steve Mulder-Within Seconds There’s something warm and inviting about Steve Mulder’s Within Seconds as it fizzes and shuffles away, the bassline whipping away as it slowly builds up.

Lance Blaise & Rod B.-Faaktree Flaaktree has this brittle, edgy feel about it, the tinny side drum effect driving it on as it awkwardly maneouvres its way forward.

Mason-Front Row Chemistry This is a proper slice of electro-house, retro sounds a plenty as they bubble and fizz in the background as it ebbs and flows, falls away and emerges. Lovely stuff.

Hook N Sling & Goodwill-Rock With You
While Rock with you isnt on YouTube, the rather brilliant and lovely Take you Higher is, a perfect piece of house pop. Revel in it.

Harry Romero & Jose Nunez-Lifting Me High(DJ DLGHuge Remix) Prog House from heavyweights Romero and Nunez, it bubbles along, drawing you into a trance like state, before dropping the bass out and inserting some female spoken word thinly veiled drug references for good measure.

Robbie Rivera-The Main Room(Part 1)
There’s something slightly claustrophobic about The Main Room, as Robbie Rivera returns to the set, and its a chameleon of a tune, starting all minimal and almost tribal, before switching to these cascades of electro, free of beats for what seems an eternity before it kicks in.

D.Ramirez ft. LDV-The Road Of Excess(D.RamirezChant Mix) Chant is the right work as LDV lays down his rhymes in a wierd witch-doctor sort of way, over a minimal beat awash with electronic splashes and sparkles.

Mauro Picotto-Living For The Time(TechnasiaHard Mix)
doesn’t appear on YouTube.

Mylo-Drop The Pressure(Laidback LukeBootleg) Laidback Luke gives the track a little bit of urgency, ironically, with these angular beats, before littering the original vocal with bleeps and beats, and cutting it into a million pieces. As he hits the chorus though, so it all comes together in a gloriously layered way.

Petrae Foy & PJC Project-Long Train This goes in heavy on the pads and atmosphere, created largely by the electronic hue that lurks in the background, but, as it unfurls, is driven very much from this huge, pulsating bassline.

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