Years Young – ‘Swim’ EP Review

Opening with their latest single ‘Lights’, it’s a very quick reminder of the high level of quality Years Young put into their tracks as their second EP kicks things into gear straight off the bat. With only three tracks this time around, it’s streamlined and straight to the point delivering quality riffs and chorus hooks that draw you in before you know it.

‘Lights’ creates an open channel between musicians and speaks a level of truth that many will be able to relate to. It opens up a dialogue that lets listeners know how much it all means to the band, that every cheer, every call and response and every lyric sung back to the band means the world. It’s punchy, has great sections of rhythm, showcases their talent and enthusiasm and tops it all off with a great solo that lets feeling guide it. There’s also a very welcome use of piano in the quieter sections that enhances the emotional aspects.

‘This Body’ steps up the tempo with a highly addictive rhythmic drive which highlights each instrument in certain sections and establishes the level of talent the band have. Add to that the emotive lyrics that instantly grab you attention as their rhythmic delivery fits and flows in-between the breaks between the riffs and it’s a track that showcases their level of creativity when it comes to playing around with rhythm and soundscapes.

‘Something Good’ closes out the EP balances having a great chord progression complete with multiple riffs, vocal melody and lyrical content that all combine to create an equally addictive and impactful track. It’s a great track to end on as it leaves the listener with an instant feeling to listen to it all again.



Across these three tracks, Years Young quickly establish themselves as a band worthy of your time. There’s also no doubt going to be a tour for the EP coming soon so be sure to check out their pages to stay up to date as I highly recommend checking them out live. ‘Swim’ is out officially tomorrow Friday 8th September on all platforms and for more check out the links below:


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