Live Gallery: Mudhoney at the Factory Theatre 20.04.2023


Mudhoney have a new album out, ‘Plastic Eternity’ and they are touring Australia at the moment. Tonight they play the Factory Theatre to an excited, capacity crowd. It is hard to articulate the impact that this band, hailing from Seattle, had on the musical revolution that happened in the 90s. Kurt Cobain cited the band as an influence on Nirvana’s sound and often praised them in interviews. Cobain was particularly drawn to Mudhoney’s raw, punk-infused brand of garage rock. There are some hardcore fans in the audience tonight. A woman tells me that she has seen the band on every single occasion that they have visited Australia. A guy observes that, back in the day, they were the loudest band that he ever encountered. I check my that my earplugs are in place. And then, suddenly they stride on stage and unassumingly swing into action. They look happy to be back playing in Australia and I can tell that the audience shares the love.

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