Premiere: ‘Up And Down’ – We get a first look at the new video for the new single from Benny J. Ward (Rinehearts)

Following up on his recent solo single ‘Tell Me Tell Me’ (reviewed by us here), Rineheart‘s Benny J. Ward is back with another serving of very fine fizzling power pop with a buzz saw fuzz and a sprightly swaggering spring to its step.

‘Up and Down’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Benny J Ward, in his own studio, Pink House Studio. It fizzes and pops with aplomb, a garage grunge subterranean flow edged by Ward’s tongue-in-cheek demeanor and inherent sense of wackiness.

Ward says of the track:

‘Up and Down’ is a lot of fun! I guess in some ways the subject matter is an ode to how life can be a yo-yo at times, and that’s OK! If you’re feeling up and down, chuck this on, grab your best mate and have a boogie!

The video continues Ward’s inclusion of his talented family in his productions. Whereas his last video was actually based on animations created by his son, Kit Ward, this video was filmed and edited by Ward’s wife Nici Ward, and features their son in person representing a proud ‘ranga’ (a nod to Ward’s previous solo work, the Ginger-Pride-themed country-music alter-ego The Lone Ranga – ‘Ranga’ being a peculiarly Australian idiom for those people blessed with red hair).

As Ward’s alter ego, young Kit gives a sterling performance. He perfectly channels rock star performances whether it be the dead-eyed stare down the camera lens or the poses and movements often perfected before bedroom mirrors of any serious rock star. There are valuable lessons to be learned from his performance.

Truly his father’s son, a doppelganger appearance by Ward completes the performance: utterly charming and full of fun.

‘Up And Down’ is out through the inimitable Cheersquad Records and Tapes and available through the link below as well as all the usual download and streaming sites.

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