Track: Ben Burke – The Life I Left Behind

Photo Credit: John Johnson

Up and coming Liverpool artist Ben Burke is set to release his newest single ‘The Life I Left Behind’ on 18thSeptember 2020, following the success of his previous singles ‘Leaving Tomorrow’ and ‘The Winds of Change’.

After the split of his former band ‘The Stamp’, Ben has been working as a solo artist, using his gift to manage and multitask through the writing, recording and co-producing of his own music. This personal consistency and determination is heading towards the release of a highly anticipated EP, making Ben one to watch in the contemporary music scene. 

The rich, musical heritage of his hometown of Liverpool is incorporated into his music, which is what ultimately sparked an interest from independent, Liverpool based record label Nifty Records, who work with other Merseyside artists including Mason Owens and Mathew Thomas Smith. Staying true to his roots, Ben recorded the track in Whitewood Studios in Liverpool with drums provided by in-demand local drummer Ben Wall (formerly of The Gear).

‘The Life I Left Behind’ is a track that conveys Ben’s ambition to explore themes of personal growth and development through his music. Starting off with a swift and cheerful guitar, the track embodies a unique country style, present from start to finish. 

The mellow rhythm of ‘The Life I left Behind’ is occasionally interrupted with neat and intricate guitar riffs, which draw inspiration from a classic folk tune. This is most apparent in the bridge of the song and demonstrates Ben’s ambition to create energetic and feel good music. This is supported through Ben’s vocals, projected in an effortlessly smooth, upbeat an appealing tone. 

Speaking on the inspiration for ‘The Life I Left Behind’, Ben says that the track is about “not living your life in regret and pushing on through hard times”. He goes on the say that there “is also the theme of life and death and how death is just another path that we have all got to take”.

The ultimate message to take from ‘The Life I Left Behind’ is to make the most of the life we are gifted with, as Ben urges us to “enjoy living and don’t be tied down by fears or regrets”. Ben hopes that on hearing the track, people will be channelled towards a positive outlook, with an ambition for people to be “uplifted by the track’s pace and the energy”. He adds that he wants people to be inspired by the lyrics and their message and hopes that “people can apply it to their own lives, particularly if they are experiencing personal fears and anxieties”.

The structure and influences in ‘The Life I Left Behind’ come from the likes of Paul Simon, Robbie Robertson and George Harrison, with a musical style inspired by Classic Folk and Country. 

His upcoming single ‘The Life I Left Behind’ will be released through Nifty Records on Friday 18th September 2020.

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