Fantastic Fest Review: A Wounded Fawn

You may never have heard of The Erinyes, but it’s likely that you know them by another name – The Furies. While Greek mythology is full of disturbing and alarming characters, few are more compelling than the ‘three’. These vengeful female deities have sworn an oath to exact punishment on men who abuse their power and position. Their curse is as equally relevant today as it was in ancient times. A Wounded Fawn toys with this legend to create an unsettling descent into the underworld.

Meredith (Sarah Lind) is a museum curator who is struggling to move on from an abusive relationship. When the charming and suave Bruce (Josh Ruben) invites her for a weekend away at his beautifully furnished, and handily isolated, cabin, it’s an offer too good to resist. At first glance, he seems like a dream. A rich, cultured, avid art collector, who shares many of her tastes. He just also happens to be a serial killer who is spurred on by a demon in the form of a red owl.

Whilst the plot of A Wounded Fawn might sound outlandish, the actual result is much stranger than you could ever imagine. Travis Stevens tackles toxic masculinity and misogyny through the lens of the classics. Bringing horrors from the past to life in lurid and bloody detail. It’s a neon slasher which wears its artistic pretensions on its sleeve. Creating an almost timeless and impenetrable nightmarish vision, littered with allegories and sharp edges.

A Wounded Fawn screens at Fantastic Fest.

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