From an old record box: Ian Brown – F.E.A.R.

Verdict: just-about-listenable hokum.

Let’s be honest – the lyrics are complete hogwash.  I’m sure at the outset Ian Brown thought it was a great idea to flesh out the acronym in every line, but he was wrong; not even the early ones justify this cod-philosophical balderdash.

Quite why I bought this (catalogue number Polydor 587 284-7), and especially on limited edition (mine is number xxx), is anybody’s guess.  Admittedly there’s something quite pleasing in the beats and the strings, but it’s nothing more than that.  If I have to put up with the Monkey King spouting BS I’d rather be listening to ‘Dolphins Were Monkeys’.

Plus, the b-side is an instrumental version of the a-side.  That is COLOSSAL LAZINESS. Pett out.

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