Film Review: Deadstream

The evolution of technology and the internet has made it easier than ever for anyone with a few gadgets and a bit of kit to broadcast themselves to the world. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this is not necessarily a good thing. Indeed, the cult of the influencer, a person normally peddling an idea, ideology or promoting a product, has become progressively pernicious. Deadstream has a lot of fun with this concept.

After a number of different scandals and poor choices, Shawn Ruddy (Joseph Winter) is back with a new sponsor and hosting platform. His s shtick is to face his fears, streaming it live to the world. Determined to win back his fans, the internet personality has decided to livestream a night alone in an abandoned haunted house. The promise he makes to his followers and benefactor is that he’ll always investigate any noise, regardless. It’s a commitment he’ll soon come to regret.

Deadstream is an extremely clever take on the found footage sub-genre, using the opportunities and limitations of modern technology to create a fun and frantic horror. Joseph and Vanessa Winter’s film works thanks to a full-blooded lead performance. Shawn is relentless in his dedication to appeasing his followers, no matter what dangers await. Deadstream is perfect fodder for midnight audiences and is seems destined to become a cult classic.

Deadstream premieres on Shudder globally on 6 October.

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