Track: Bloodhounds – Relics

After their debut EP ‘Eat Lies’ release in 2022 (read our review here), the band have returned with new material and share their thunderous new single ‘Relics’. Packed full of immediate hooks and explosive guitars and synths, this embodies everything Bloodhounds are, one giant beat after another. A song all about living in the moment and learning to appreciate your surroundings, ‘Relics’ is fast faced, colourful and groovy all at the same time, with a production that will knock you senseless into the euphoria they have so brilliantly created.

The band say

“‘Relics’ captures the relatable but daunting feeling of getting older and thinking nothing purposeful in life has been achieved. A song that makes a person realise that they should live in the moment and accept the love they have around them. Relatable, Angry and Full of an energetic driving force that never halts.”

From a techno start the track explodes with stomping guitars bringing a thunderous riff all the while singer Joe Newall’s Cornell’s lays down a scorching vocal take that is the highlight of the track. Rhythmic slicing and howling screams make this track something else as these guys deliver this ferocious track.

Check it out, here

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Read our interview with the band here

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