Album Review: Bloodhounds – Eat Lies EP

The Breakdown

Bringing the hard rock genre bang up to date with one of the best releases of the year.

Hard rockers from the south coast Bloodhounds have dropped their 5 track EP that delves into the emotions of growing up and learning that there is a thin veneer to society that, when peeled back, reveals how evil mankind can be all the while reevaluating life and finding meaning.

Stamping their intent with the frantic first track ‘Throw Us In The Fire’ the band drop an explosive riff-filled hard rock monster. The track lays down what we can expect from this band with face melting guitar solo, dirty riffs and arena sized drumming. On top of which Joe Newall’s Cornell’s tinged vocals sit as the perfect vocalist for the bands hard rock.

Picking straight up after the first track the hard rock continues with ‘We’re Not The Same’. A hard hitting track with serious dynamics and superb vocal performance from singer Joe (Joey Mack) Newell. The energetic guitars burst out of no where either laying down a rampaging riff or a slick guitar solo over the thumbing of Kai Marsh’s drums.

With the groovey bass heavy ‘Grow’ you get to hear the Newell’s vocal range, from low down croon to big lung screaming. The guitar partnership between James Percival and Jack Meaden also comes to the fore here with grinding riffs and Percival giving a solid rhythm base for Meaden to add melodic touches and of course his smoking solos.

‘What I Have’ a storming track with an exceptional grooved up middle 8 that flies straight into a heavily affected guitar solo from Meaden who has a well-developed style enhancing those hard rock credentials of the band. They have taken the classic hard rock formula and turned it up to 11 adding a hard rock/metal edge to it shown in the heavier sound and screamed vocals.

Final track ‘Big Enough’ brings things down with a slow rock burner with Newall shining again with a cracker of a vocal track over big chords and crashing drums. Its an epic track that builds into a musical storm riding the waves of one of the best rock solos I have heard in a while courtesy of Guitarist Meadon’s fretboard.

Singer Newall and guitarist Meadon hog the limelight with their exceptional performances but appreciation must be given to Tom Oliver-Hawkins, Kai Marsh and James Percival who give the two lads the base to stand up on and shine.

This is an EP from a band who clearly love what they doing and share the same influences that they have funnelled into their songwriting. It’s a collective effort that sees this EP as one of the best hard rock releases this year. The band have brought the hard rock genre bang up to date.

Check out the band’s track What I Have, below:

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

The EP is available on all DSP’s

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