Fantastic Fest Review: Attachment

When we talk about mythology, it’s usually around the ancient Greeks or Romans. However, while much of it might have disappeared from modern religions, the major ones have a much greater connection with the supernatural than you’d expect. Judaism is a prime example of where a belief system has changed and yet many in the Hasidic community still follow ancient doctrine. Superstitions die hard, as is the case in Attachment.

Maja (Josephine Park) is a former actor who finds herself struggling a bit with life. This all changes one day when she bumps into Leah (Ellie Kendrick), a young English woman studying in Denmark. There’s an instant attraction and the pair immediately fall in love. However, their whirlwind romance hits a snag when the Brit has a seizure and has to return home. Maja decides to accompany her, much to the chagrin of Leah’s religious mother (Sofie Gråbøl).

Attachment benefits from having a wonderful cast of actors. While Gråbøl, quite rightly, will get all the plaudits for her performance, it’s great to see Kenrick, who was so good in The Levelling, back on the big screen. David Dencik is a welcome face, as well. Writer/Director Gabriel Bier Gislason imbues his mystery/drama with mystical elements. The use of a Dybbuk, in a very modern sense, is very clever. Manging to impart a message in an extremely inventive way.

Attachment screens at Fantastic Fest.

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