Track: Revolution Above Disorder unveil ‘Scream Quietly’: a haunting, enigmatic cover of the ethereal Television Personalities track.

Revolution Above Disorder is the work of Dubliner Stephen Nicholas White (The Orange Kyte, House of Dolls, The Subterranean Satellite Band, Magic Shoppe), who is currently based in Vancouver. We reviewed his deliciously cool shoegaze track ‘Illuminate’ last year and are pleased to present his new single ‘Scream Quietly’.

A cover of the Television Personalities song, White imbues the track with a haunting and ethereal timbre: visceral, jangling guitars, an insistent bass with haunting gothic drapery and an eighties synth riff that adds a ghostly aura. White describes why he covered this track:

The lofi outsider-art indie-pop of Dan Treacy’s Television Personalities occupies a place in my heart all of its own. Stylistically all over the map, Treacy’s four decades (and counting) of off-kilter demonstrations of punk and psychedelia are held together by the emotional depth of the songwriting and the vocal delivery, which sees Treacy careering unconstrained from acerbic, to playfully whimsical, to heartbroken and vulnerable. Beautiful.

The track is a beautiful slice of dream pop goth: an uneasiness and anxiety threads its way through the instrumentation while White’s vocals are distant and disconnected as they tell an ominous and foreboding tale:

Love’s a thousand things
Everyone a precious thing
Love’s a thousand dreams
Everyone a mystery

Someone stole her dream today
She’d saved it for a rainy day
Scream quietly, or the neighbors will hear

Tremendous stuff indeed:

‘Scream Quietly’ is available through the link above and through all the usual download/streaming sites.

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