Premiere: Jack Hinks reveals new video and single, ‘Jigsaw’

HERE at Backseat Mafia we’re very happy to premiere the video for Edinburgh singer-songwriter Jack Hinks’ brand new single, “Jigsaw”, out tomorrow.

Jack is quickly becoming well-known in Scotland due to his introspective songwriting, renowned guitar playing and cross-media experimentation.

With his multidisciplinary project Fabric is raising awareness of mental health issues and recovery, Jack makes his return to the music scene with this song.

The ideology behind this next project is designed around the four stages of grief, with Jack challenging himself to write a song representing each of these stages. “Jigsaw” deals with the subject of acceptance, whilst simultaneously examining his thoughts on independence and identity.

The song perfectly blends sultry, jazzy guitar tones with Jack Hinks smooth-as-butter vocals, accompanied beautifully by swirling violins and an intense vocal harmony courtesy of Fiona Liddell of Gefargheist, whose own “Graceless” we premiered here just a week or two back.

Watch the exclusive video debut for “Jigsaw” below!

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The single is available to listen to Friday 20th November on Spotify and Apple Music.

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