PREMIERE: Gefahrgeist’s ‘Graceless’ is a soaring, twinkling debut

WE LOVE new and upcoming bands here at Backseat Mafia. It keeps us going, looking for that next band or song that just stops you dead and totally rearranges both your brain chemistry and your day. Isn’t that the gift of music?

Ladies and gents, please be upstanding to welcome aboard the delicious rollercoaster of music a new Scottish electronic duo, Gefahrgeist, who are premiering the video for their debut single “Graceless” with us.

Gefahrgeist – it loosely translates from the German as “danger spirit” – is the fledgling collaboration of singer-songwriter Fiona Liddell and producer Niall Rae.

Fiona hails from Glasgow and has ten years under her belt performing with acts from across the Clydeside scene, such as Jack Hinks, Echo Arcadia, and Loud Poets.

Niall is a producer and bassist from Aberdeen with a degree in composition from Edinburgh Napier University. It’s his compositional wizardry that’s fleshed out “Graceless” from Fiona’s piano demo into this beautiful – beatific, even – soulful glide, heading for the skies on glimmer and glitter and some amazing singing. A band to watch, clearly, I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s the absolute antithesis of graceless, isn’t it?

Talking of the song’s origins, Fiona says: “‘Graceless’ began as a four-chord piano improvisation while I was waiting for a vocal student named Grace to turn up for her lesson. I took the chords to producer Niall Rae and then ‘Graceless’ was born.

“It’s my favourite song from our upcoming EP (out in 2021), so I’m happy that people are finally able to hear it!”

“Graceless” will be available on Spotify and Apple Music from tomorrow, October 30th.

Intelligent pop fans: go hither and follow Gefahrgeist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. October 29, 2020

    Thanks so much for the awesome write up, Chris! We’re really glad you enjoyed the song and video!

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