Track: Sydney troubadour Thomas Keating returns with a gentle poke at politicians with the sweeping, effervescent track ‘Lunatic’.

Feature Photograph: Kieran Gilfeather

There is a delicious dreamy flow to Sydney singer and songwriter Thomas Keating‘s new single ‘Lunatic’ which has a touch of acerbity as he takes aim at the lunatic nature of distant and remote politicians, while acknowledging this is a two way street. It is a gentle remonstration about the clash of worlds and cultures, delivered in a good natured way over a bright and sparkling melody.

The track provides a much needed social commentary but is not polemic or didactic in any way: merely a wry observational commentary on our strange world.

Keating says of the track:

This song is about my confusion at the state of the whole world right now. I do have some pretty strong views on different aspects of society and politics, and I view people who don’t share my opinions as a bit mad sometimes. But I have also come to the realisation that they probably think I am mad. So who is the ‘lunatic’ then?

Made in collaboration with filmmaker Kieran Gilfeather, the accompanying video imports the larrikin good natured sense of humour as Keating cavorts with some well known politicians (and, given the volatile nature of Australian politics, at least one out of date already!).

It’s lovely, intelligent and warming material, and it’s great to see Keating back in action after his last release ‘Cold Night’ reviewed by me last year. ‘Lunatic can be streamed here or through the link below:

Feature Photograph: Kieran Gilfeather

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